Summit watch

Sku: Montre Cimes

Summit watch

Sku: Montre Cimes
$CAD 99.00
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Doesn't this watch make you want to get away from the city and explore nature? To discover summits where man has never set foot (nice challenge, isn't it?).

While waiting to do so and as a friendly reminder of your project, get this wonderful adventurous watch!

This exclusive and limited collection was created in collaboration with Beurd.

But who is this? Beurd is original and freshy fresh. They make funky and unique streetwear. It's Emma and Thibault, super cool humans with crazy projects!

• New 36 mm Chikiboom watch dial and recycled leather bracelet.
• Adjustable size.
• The watch case is water resistant but it is not advised to soak the leather in order to maintain its shape and durability.
• Battery included.

• One year warranty.